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Blue ensign conditions

The permit to wear a Blue Ensign has a list of conditions of issue on the back.  This is a brief summary:


1.The permit is issued to the yacht, not the owner and may only be displayed when owner is in effective control.


2.The owner(s) must be British citizens and members of the Yacht Club issuing the permit.


3.The yacht must be registered (a) under Part 1 of the Register of British Ships or (b) The Small Ships Registry, and must be not less than 2 tons gross if registered under (a) or 7 meters in length if registered under (b).


4.The special ensign may only be worn on yachts used exclusively for private use of the person to whom the permit is issued.


5.The yacht must not be used for any professional, business or commercial use nor may it have a name connected in any way to such activities.


6. When the yacht is sold, there is a change of ownership or the owner ceases to be a member of the Club the permit must be returned to the Club Hon. Secretary for cancellation.


7.The Blue Ensign may only be worn when the Club burgee is flown at the main masthead or other suitable position.


8. Subject to the conditions the permit is valid for a period of five years, at which time it should be returned to the Club Hon. Secretary and application made for a new one.


If you would like to wear a Blue Ensign, please contact us for an application form for a permit.