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How to join

Joining the Royal Dorset Yacht Club is easy - just fill out an application form.


Forms are available at the Clubhouse, or you can download one from this page.  Please use the full member application form for all types of membership except associate.  


Don’t be put off by not having a proposer or seconder.  The Club Membership Officer will sort that out for you, but if you know someone at the Club, then ask them to propose you.


Once completed, hand your form to the bar staff in the Clubhouse, with the appropriate membership fee.  From that moment, you can enjoy all the privileges of membership.


We will process your application and send your membership card to confirm acceptance.  You can then use your card to get club discounts and will be added to the email circulation list for news of club events.


Yearly membership fees are:


  • Full Membership - £275

  • Full Retired  - £165  (Subject to Status)

  • Affiliate Membership - £75

  • Associate/Social Membership - £40

  • Service Member - £75.00

  • Overseas Membership - £165.00

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