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Lulworth range

Extending approximately 6 nautical miles to the south of Lulworth Cove is the Lulworth Gunnery Range.  During firing periods, mariners are asked to avoid the range area and keep at least 1 mile clear of the target buoys on St Albans ledge. The extent of the inner range is shown  on the chartlet opposite.


The latest firing programme can be downloaded from this page, but normal firing times are shown below.  (All local times.)


Daylight firing

Monday to Friday   0930 - 1700 hrs

Saturday                0930 - 1600/1700 hrs

Sunday                  0930 - 1300 hrs


Night Firing

Although Tuesdays and Thursdays are usually chosen for night firing, sometimes other days are selected. Firing begins as soon as it is dark and lasts until 23.59. The timing obviously varies with the season of the year.


Weekend Firing

Territorial Army training is annual and firing takes place at weekends, but this only occurs a maximum of 6 times a year and is programmed well in advance. The following weekends in 2016 have been reserved for firing:


16/17 January 2016

13/14 February 2016

12/13 March 2016

8/9 October 2016

19/20 November 2016

10/11 December 2016


Non-firing periods

There will be no firing during the periods below (all dates inclusive):


Christmas/NewYear     19 Dec 2015 - 04 Jan 2016

Easter                           25 Mar 2016 - 04 Apr 2016

Bank Holiday                30 Apr 2015 - 03 May 2016

Spring                           28 May 2015 - 06 June 2016

Summer                        30 Jul 2015 - 05 Sep 2016

Christmas/NewYear     19 Dec 2016 - 08 Jan 2017


More information

During firing, range safety boats are on station (in all practicable weather conditions) at the outer extremities of the danger area.  They can be contacted on VHF Channel 8, call sign “Lulworth Range Safety Boat”.  Range control also monitors Channel 8 during firing.


You can also call 01929 404712 during working hours or 01929 404819 for current range information.

Lulworth Range chartlet (click to enlarge).

Note that the firing times are presented in set of tables.  These list the times in a table for each week.  Times relevant to mariners are listed under the heading: "SEA DANGER AREAS IN USE"

Download firing times

October 2018 Lulworth Range Chartlet