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Mooring application


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The club maintains a number of moorings for the exclusive use of Members.  These lie to the north side of Portland Harbour, opposite Castle Cove Sailing Club.  


Moorings are currently available to new members.  We can either lay new moorings or, occasionally, existing moorings become available.  We arrange annual inspection and maintenance on behalf of members using professional contractors.


You will need a full marine insurance policy for your vessel and provide a mooring bridle and chain to attach your boat to the mooring buoy.


Once a mooring has been allocated, members can make use of the facilities of the Castle Cove Sailing Club. These include:



The current charges for a mooring are in the table opposite.  These are applicable to Full Members. (Different charges apply to other membership types; details available on request.)  The mooring charge includes Portland Harbour Authority dues, Crown Estates, RDYC fees and the annual mooring survey.  It does not include any maintenance requirements (eg new riser or support buoy).  


The prices quoted are for seasonal moorings (1st April to 31st October inclusive).  Although there is no formal restriction, moorings should only be used from 1st April to 31st October inclusive.   For moorings used outside this period there are additional Portland Harbour Authority fees.




Up to 3.05

3.06 to 6.10

6.11 to 9.15

9.16 to 12.20

12.21 to 15.25

15.26 to 18.30

18.31 to 24.00








Boat length



(£ per year)

Mooring charges

Full Member

Moorings close up


The above figures include annual survey but do not include any maintenance required.