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The Royal Dorset Yacht Club organises, and takes part in, a number of sailing events, for those who like to cruise and race.  These events are not just for sailing members; we encourage non-sailing members to take part.

If you'd like to know more about our sailing opportunities, please contact us.


If you're looking for Crew, or you're Crew looking to sail, sign up on our Bulletin Board here.


Club cruises are a great way to both meet other members and gain experience with the security of having others around.  In particular, cross-channel cruises can be a great way to make your first crossing in company.  Cruises are for both sail and motor yachts.  



We run a number of racing events, many of these in conjunction with the Yacht Clubs of Weymouth.   Racing is a great way to hone your boat handling skills and meet members of your own and other clubs.  


Boats wanting Crew

... and Crew wanting Boats


If you're a Boat looking for Crew, or if you're wanting to Crew, there's a new section on our Bulletin Board where you can sign up.  You will need to register for the Bulletin Board first, but it's easy.  To go to the board, register, or post a notice, click here.